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Outdated Sales Techniques That Are Flat Out Terrible

Cliches abound in the sales industry. It is a field that almost seems stuck in traditional and nearly unable to adapt to change. The following are a few of the terrible sales closing techniques that simply no longer work. 

Assuming A Sale Is Closed 

There is a fine line between being confident and being presumptive. Some salesmen and women use the assumptive close technique that hasn't worked in a very long time. This technique assumes that the customer is going to make the purchase even if they have said the opposite. Many customers find it insulting, and they do not make the purchase as a result. 

No Time Like The Present

It might seem like an excellent idea to nudge a client towards making an immediate purchase if they are wavering. "There is never a good time to buy, so you might as well do it now" is the line often pitched with this close. Prospective buyers feel disrespected with this method when they raise legitimate obstacles preventing them from buying now. 

The "This Or That" Approach

Some salespeople believe that providing just two options for their potential customers puts them on the spot and helps make the close. The problem being that clients are smart enough to know that they actually have many more choices than that. Presenting them with only a small universe of options is transparently dishonest. 

Sales Contest Approach 

A lot of companies have sales contests for their employees. That is perfectly fine, but do not mention this to a prospective buyer. Don't try to buy their business by letting them know that they would be helping you out in the contest by doing so. It looks petty and uninterested in the client's needs. 

The Sharp Angle Method 

If a prospective buyer asks a question, just answer it directly. Asking them if they will buy from you today if you just give them the right answer is not a good tactic. The client will not feel like you are being truthful with them, and trust is a primary factor for making a sale. 

Taking Add-Ons Away

A prospect can't meet your price so you end up taking away add-ons that contribute to the price. This is a horrible idea because it leaves a client feeling like they are having things taken away from them. 

These are seven of the worst sales closing tactics still used by sales professionals who haven't updated their tactics lately. For more information on outdated methods contact us