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Are You Annoying Your Customers? Do This Instead

Getting your word out to potential customers should not need to be a game of nagging and pestering. Chances are if you’re wondering whether or not your marketing tactics are annoying people… the answer is probably yes (and it shows in your results). Using the inbound marketing strategy, there are simple ways you can ATTRACT your customers rather than ANNOY people. So stop making people hate you and follow these tips instead. 


Annoying: Using boring marketing speak on social media.

Instead: Show off your personality.

Social media is about speaking the audiences' language. If it’s not something you would walk up and tell a group of people - reconsider your approach. Post about what it’s like to work at your company versus copy and pasting a mission statement. Show how you’re part of the community. Think about the people who seek you out…what do they want to see? Here’s an example of the type of content we are talking about. Instead of listing out the price point and specs of this home, we spiced things up by mentioning one of it’s most interesting features.

fb example


Annoying: Sending emails with meaningless content.

Instead: Focus on sharing compelling and relevant info.

Your customer’s email inbox is not a place to talk about how awesome you are. It’s certainly not a place to spout out boring facts. It’s a place where you have the opportunity to share something of value. Keep in mind that when someone signs up for your email list, it’s because they expect to get something worthwhile in return! So don’t disappoint them them with junk, instead delight them with special offers, important announcements or information they will be curious about.


Annoying: Bombarding leads with content everywhere

Instead: Quality over quantity!

Yes, frequency is important in order to resonate with your customers. But sending too many emails or posts that scream “me, me, me!” will just make consumers want to run away. Remember that marketing should be about creating a conversation, and people crave transparency and authenticity. Stand out from the noise by being the unique piece of content that your customer is after.