Benefits of Using Marketing Automation

Dec 8, 2020 9:56:03 AM

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has already invaded our personal lives through chatbots on our phones and other modern technological conveniences, so why not allow AI to work for our businesses? 

There are a number of advantages to using AI to boost sales. 

1. AI never sleeps! A live sales team may have the benefit of human nature, but it is doubtful that they'll be at the office when a potential customer is on Facebook at 2 a.m. Without AI, there are many missed opportunities to reach consumers after business hours. Artificial intelligence increases productivity by working around the clock. It can also reach consumers in a passive way, so their phones aren't ringing at 2 a.m. but an internet ad is presenting information the chatbot knows they are interested in based on previous internet searches. 

2. AI checks its sources.  When gathering prospect information, AI uses multiple sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. This is very valuable in B2B situations, where disconnected numbers and old email addresses waste resources. AI also provides more contacts than might be found through traditional networking methods. 

3. AI feels human. The information that AI gathers allows it to send targeted messages that feel more human than ever before. The messages meet the needs of the prospect, so conversion rates are increased. This by no means replaces the true human element necessary for boosting sales, but it is a huge advancement when compared to generic emails that are largely disregarded by potential customers. 

The decision to use AI is a decision to be successful, and many companies are getting on board. Don't be left in the dust by relying solely on a sales team. Boost your sales around the clock with AI. We're the agency, and HubSpot is the platform for all of this and more...

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