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How to Get Better Results from Your Marketing Videos

Who cares how many views or likes your video has? What matters is that it generates good leads and converts customers.

Using video is one of the best ways to communicate your brand story, highlight your value, and build relationships with your audience. Done right, you can achieve a massive ROI.

Here’s what you need to know.

Quick! Grab Their Attention.

The average human attention span is 8 seconds. With that said, the majority of people have already skimmed past this content and are more interested in the short videos below. The beginning of your video needs to be engaging. A slow build-up leads to skips.

Spend Time on the Title

Misleading video titles work two ways: they can attract and disappoint, or not attract at all. The title is your first chance to engage the consumer. A title must lead the consumer to want to learn more. If the title is too general, the consumer may think the video isn't worth their time.

Put it to Work in the Sales Department

Consumers are rich in choices and poor in time. In the fierce competition for attention, your video needs to reach your target audience but resonate with them.

Randomly posting videos on multiple channels will result in fewer views, so research the best channels for your target audience and be creative.

You can add marketing videos to:

  •       LinkedIn articles
  •       Lead generation emails
  •       Company newsletters
  •       Campaign landing pages

Continue to Optimize

Tagging, choosing categories, and writing descriptions are especially helpful in promoting videos on social media. Optimizing a video upfront is a great idea, but just because a video has been posted or shared, doesn’t mean you can’t optimize it in the future.

At On-Target!, we adhere to the methodology of Growth-Driven Design, or continually improving content based on data. If we see people are watching the video but aren’t reaching out, we will try adding a stronger ending and CTA. Alternatively, if data shows your video is losing engagement after 10 seconds, we can adjust the beginning of the video.

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