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How Can I Make LinkedIn My Best Sales Tool?

LinkedIn can help you attract leads, nurture prospects, and delight customers. But sending mass connection requests and going straight for the close without building a real connection is the wrong way to do it.

Here’s how to do LinkedIn Right!

1. Take a Moment to Update Your Profile

You wouldn’t apply for a new job with an outdated resume, so why would you reach out to contacts without putting your best foot forward?

You want to show potential clients that you’re a thought leader on this B2B social media platform and will help them overcome their pains rather than being a pain who spams their inbox.

There are a few simple things you can do to make your online persona as welcoming and authentic as possible and add real value to the business community.


linkedin comic

  • Add an attention-grabbing banner image
  • Add a headline that describes your role
  • Add any business organizations you belong to
  • Add case studies or articles you’ve written
  • Use a recent and professional headshot
  • Include a section in your bio that highlights your interests outside of work

Remember, this isn’t Facebook, but it’s okay to show your personality.


2. Start Liking, Commenting on and Creating Your Own Posts

Social media allows your company to join the conversation and makes you and your brand more approachable.

Most of us think of ROI as a Return on Investment. And in many facets of business that’s what you’re concerned with.

However, the investment you’re making in a LinkedIn social media strategy isn’t necessarily driven by an immediate monetary return. While it can create new business opportunities, it’s often driven by the risk of inactivity.

How many times have you viewed a company's LinkedIn page or an employee within that company's LinkedIn profile?

Are you more likely to do business with those who regularly provide helpful resources to assist you throughout the buying process, or would you be more comfortable working with someone who hasn’t updated their page in years and is just using their profile to send high-pressure sales emails?

Once you have an up-to-date profile and some posting history, it’s time to get serious!

3. Use Advanced Search to Uncover Your Target Personas

LinkedIn’s advanced search gives you a clear way to find the exact type of people you want to connect with. You can filter by industry, company size, location, job title, tenure, and many other properties depending on your LinkedIn subscription level.

Rather than sorting through People You May Know, these advanced filtering options allow you to target specific companies for an account-based marketing approach.

Once you find the appropriate individuals to connect with, you should take a moment to read through their entire profile so you can personalize your connection request.

4. Customize Your Connection Requests and Make Your First Message Helpful

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of getting unsolicited connection requests with zero thought behind them.

You’ll have a better acceptance rate if you include their name, highlight something you have in common, and explain your intentions.

If they do accept your request, send a thank you message and include a helpful resource.

Something like, “Hey, we just released a new eBook on this relevant topic that you might find useful. I would love to hear your thoughts” is better than, “Let’s set up a meeting to discuss your problems and I’ll show you how we’ve solved them for similar companies.”

The key to improving your sales using LinkedIn is to build real connections with prospects and nurture them with content throughout each stage of the buying journey. Furthermore, after they become customers, regularly engage with them, solicit feedback and reviews and see what can be done to continue to improve the relationship.

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