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How to Leverage Value Propositions with Video

People would rather watch what’s on the internet than read it. The same goes for B2B customers. Video marketing is also one of the most effective ways to drive sales – with 83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation. Think it’s time to start leveraging your value propositions? Here are a few ways organizations can capitalize on this trend to grow their business.

Explainer Videos:

One of the most effective ways to attract and engage to your audience at the top of the funnel is through an explainer video. An explainer video should be brief and help simplify your product or service features. It’s also a great opportunity to address the problems your customers are having and demonstrate how your product is the answer to those pain-points. Here’s an example of B2B explainer video we created for Signum Instruments to explain their slim logging tools for the Oil & Gas market. A product with a complex function and explanation made simple.

Branding Videos:

A good branding videos will tell a story of the company and its values. Your goal is to build an emotional connection with the audience in an informative way. Consider how you want your target audience to feel or think differently after watching your B2B video. One way to demonstrate your expertise and also show the personal side of your business is by having one of your team members share their take on your company mission. For example, take a look at this branding video we created for DPIS Builder Services as a way to introduce their core messaging while creating a human connection.


Case Study Videos:

Case studies are an essential part of the sales process, especially when potential buyers are heading into the decision making stage. They are even more powerful when shared in the form of video content, where your customer can get a real-life feel for working with your company. This not only adds credibility to your business but also helps you stand apart from your competitors. For example, in this case study you can see how the team at On-Target! helped a polyurethane parts manufacturer improve how they told their story and helped generate new leads.


Testimonial Videos:

A great testimonial video serves as living proof of the credibility of a B2B business. They’re also incredibly easy to produce. All you need to do is record some of your past customers talking about how your product/service helped them solve a problem you were having. Nothing is as powerful as a positive. testimonial. In this example, we created a video for real estate developer Ryko Properties to tell a story about homeowners’ experiences living in their new community Lakes of Bella Terra.


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