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What Are Examples of Effective Website Copy?

Great website copy sells. It goes beyond listing benefits, features or services. It refrains from using meaningless verbs and empty promises. Instead, it speaks directly to your audience and motivates them to take action. But what exactly does effective copy look like? Here are 6 examples from clients we’ve worked with across several industries.

Construction / Building (B2B)

Example headline: Increase Efficiency. Lower Total Costs

Example copy: “We are educators in building better homes, and mitigating risks. Our team of certified inspectors and engineers not only provide superior inspections, but help educate your construction managers and trades on a daily basis to help them get the job done right — safely and efficiently.” [DPIS Builder Services]

Example headline: Accurate surveys with a quick turnaround for high-volume homebuilders

Example copy:  “A successful building project starts with a reliable land survey. At Allpoints we achieve reliability through our dedication to customer service and attention to detail, supporting homebuilders across Texas.” [Allpoints Group]

Why it works: Both samples have a clear understanding for what their audience is looking for and speaks to their ultra-specific pain points.

real estate  web copy example

Real Estate (B2C)

Example headline: Live at Home With Nature

Example copy: “Stop merely dreaming of your dream home. Make it real at Fulbrook, where you can purchase your perfect country home on spacious home sites.” [Trend Development]

Example headline: Three neighborhoods, one state of mind.

Example copy: “Escape to a peaceful oasis with lakes, nature trails, and resort-style amenities in our beautiful community. Our communities offer home-town serenity just minutes from city conveniences.” [Ryko Development]

Why it works: Both samples use a compelling analogy and appeal to the emotion of the audience.

Engineering (B2B)

Example headline: Principled. Practical. Proven.

Example copy: “Our long tenured staff provides a full spectrum of services to clients in all areas of residential development, from small-scale neighborhood projects to large master-planned communities.”  [Costello Engineering]

Why it works: It uses brevity and clarity to get a powerful message across.

examples of copywriting industrial oil and gas

Industrial / Oil & Gas (B2B)

Example headline: Compete and Win With Microslim Logging Tools For Unconventional Wells

Example copy: “The unconventional well logging market is a gateway to growth, but until now slim logging tools have been the exclusive territory of only the largest service providers. With the advent of Signum Instruments’ MicroSlim logging tools, however, the game has changed. Now unconventional well logging opportunities are accessible to you.” [Signum Instruments]

Why it works: It effectively states competitive advantage with strong examples and descriptive words.


Words matter. If you’re going to spend the time building a new website - make it count. If you’re going to run a print ad - do it right. If you’re going to hand out a brochure - put your best foot forward. At On-Target!, we have a team of copywriting experts that write powerful headlines that translate to more sales. See some of our work.