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5 Myths Related To Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful medium for companies to reach out to potential audiences within seconds. As per the latest data, on average, people spend 145 minutes, or 2 hours and 25 minutes, daily on social media. With billions of online users, it’s very convenient for marketers to engage with customers, raise brand awareness, retain buyers and pull in more conversions. The excellent part about social media is that it allows customers to connect with your stories personally. 

Let's look into some social media myths that you have probably heard from your friends.

Myth #1. Social media marketing is free

Yes, you can join social media channels for free, but social media marketing is not free. It takes time and effort to develop a presence on social media. You may need to take the services of writers and SEO experts to create content that fits your company's profile, along with some tools to schedule and manage the posts. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, most social media websites encourage businesses to spend money on ads to reach new prospects. With social media ads, you can target only those who are likely to purchase your product at a very nominal cost.

#Myth 2. Social media will give me the instant following

It is a myth that followers will start following you just because you are on social media. Simply creating an account and posting some random content won’t ensure to attract and engage the audience. To build your brand and gain and retain followers and readers, you have to work. Producing and promoting content is not a one-month task, as you need to follow a schedule to achieve results and credibility. In addition to this, you also need to remember that having many followers is no guarantee of the kind of money you’ll make. 

#Myth 3. I should be on every social media network

Having an account on different social media platforms dilutes your attention and results in minimal or no success. The truth is, you only need to have a presence on those platforms where your followers hang out. For instance, if your potential customers are mainly on Facebook, it is worthless to put your efforts on LinkedIn. Create a buyer persona based on the buying behavior, demographics, age, and other parameters, to customize your marketing strategies.

#Myth 4 You need to post multiple times and daily

No entrepreneur has time to post 3–5 times a day on social media and divert time from daily routine to keep it going. Since the content you post on every channel should be unique, you can’t afford to annoy your audience with 3-5 posts a day. The truth is that you need to be consistent rather than frequent in posting your content. If you are posting very high-quality content only a few times a week, you’ll still get maximum results provided you’re consistent. Posting and sharing your content will help you promote your brand and connect with other businesses. 

#Myth 5 Facebook ads don’t work

For a B2B marketer, this myth can cost dearly. Facebook is probably the best when it comes to social advertising. The social media network lets you target users by demographic, employer, industry, job title, and annual income. Facebook is still the most popular social network with over 2.74 billion active users, meaning it gives you access to much more prospects to create brand awareness and engagement. With proper analysis and planning, Facebook ads can produce great results for all types of businesses.

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