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Top 6 Tools to Write Better on Social Media

Forget posting dark humor, creative, or funny content. Get the punctuation wrong, and grammar enthusiasts will hunt you down with memes. 

The rule is easy—lousy grammar is bad for business. 

Professionals must communicate clearly, and without errors. It’s about showing your commitment and attention to detail. Your content on social media reflects your core business values. Poor spelling and silly grammatical mistakes are big turnoffs for customers wanting to associate with your brand. 

Nobody’s perfect. However, you can try to eliminate tiny errors in grammar, syntax, and sentence structure by using the following six tools that can help you immensely in fine-tuning your writing on social media.


Ulysses is a clean, user-friendly platform for busy writers who need to eliminate distractions. It’s available on many devices (like Mac, iPad, and iPhone), facilitating immediate writing, so you never forget another idea. 

Ulysses organizes all your documents in one place and can manage writing projects of all sizes. It can support simple notes, blog posts, and even a novel. Start working anytime, anywhere, and sync all your content through iCloud.  


It is a free, private, and secure spelling and grammar checker by Microsoft Word. You can use it on Word, Outlook, and your browser to improve your content’s readability. With 1Checker, you can proofread even when writing directly on a social media site. 


There are many grammar-checking social media tools, but they’re useless for people who write in languages other than English. Unlike other grammar checkers, LanguageTool provides instant feedback on grammar, style, and spelling for over twenty languages. 

It supports languages like Polish, German, French, and 17 others, so non-English writers can also get the most out of their posts. LanguageTool can integrate with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice. 


Grammarly is a complete writing solution; it works on Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly everywhere on the web as a Chrome, Safari, or Firefox extension. 

It has an updated vocabulary for most modern words, internet slangs, and social media terminologies. Grammarly is unforgiving on punctuation and capitalization. The premium account even offers suggestions for contextual errors, advanced writing improvements, and plagiarism. 

After the Deadline

Proofreading takes a lot of time and feels like a drag to most. Moreover, there is no foolproof way to know if you have rectified all the errors. After the Deadline makes proofreading a lot easier and speedier; you just need to paste the text into the box, and it will instantly give you feedback on spelling, grammar, and style. 

It’s available for free under the GNU General Public License. After the Deadline uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to find errors and offer suggestions. 


It’s common to misuse adjectives or prepositions in your writing. Sometimes, it’s hard to get the combination right. If you are unsure of your sentence structure, Writefull can suggest the most appropriate vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, and much more. Made by researchers and for them, it helps you write better and with more confidence. 

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