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The Best Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

Digital marketing is the most effective way to drive people to a website and to help it rank better with search engines. And thankfully for most small businesses, digital marketing is far less expensive than the offline marketing techniques that were the only options years ago. Digital marketing has many tried-and-true techniques that will bring visitors to websites and make them into customers. 

Creating Buyer Personas

Marketing directly to your customer base means identifying who they are. Creating buyer personas helps to simplify this process, assigning personal and lifestyle traits to a fictional persona that represents one of your demographics. 

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Identify Your Marketing Goals and Required Tools

Marketing isn't an open-ended mission that just builds awareness. Every company should have specific goals before they begin a campaign. Those goals may be generating more leads, getting more social media followers or a combination of several end results. During this time, identify which tools you'll need to accomplish those specific goals. 

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Evaluate Your Current Efforts

How well is your current marketing working? Has it worked at all? If so, which parts of it have worked best? All of these questions should be answered before you begin a new campaign. Decide what has not worked for your company in the past, what has, and what you can change to make it all work better. 

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Look at Your Owned, Earned and Paid Media

Your company may also own websites and blogs- that's your owned media. It may also have earned exposure on other sites through links and guest posts. All of those sites are your earned media. Your paid media is your paid advertising such as AdWords, Facebook ads and Twitter sponsored posts. All of these media mentions should be evaluated for their scope and effectiveness. Your marketing campaign will begin once you have seen how each has worked to get your brand out there and to bring customers to your site. 


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