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The Top Challenges Facing the Home Services Industry in 2021.

In an industry where business is often seasonal, 2020 largely did no favors for home services companies across the nation. That's not to say that some of them saw little interruption due to their very nature, such as plumbing and electrical. However, the majority of these service lines are still facing numerous challenges as we enter 2021 such as...

Increased online competition

For a global industry worth over $1.6 trillion, there is immense opportunity especially coming out of a year like 2020. Many service lines are seeing business come back, but along with it more competition than in previous years. Searches for all lines of home service have increased upwards of 250% in some instances. keyword research tools

This has lead to another unique and unforeseen challenge—

Skyrocketing advertising costs

To compound the matter further for the home services industry, the rise in online competition has also lead to an average advertising cost of nearly $40 per click in some instances for certain services. Many smaller firms are being priced out of advertising all together against their more well funded competitors. In addition, the cost of acquiring a single lead has neared $100 only further compounding the disparity in many advertising budgets.

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Absence of, or poor online reviews

It was estimated that 2 out of 3 home service customers researched the reviews of the company they ended up choosing prior to ever making an appointment. Many home service companies are ill advised, or unaware of their current review score and where those reviews are coming from. What is especially difficult for those companies that don't have accurate information on their reviews is that they are missing out on business they should be getting.



Poor website design and functionality

Perception is reality for the average home services customer, and an inept website that offers little more than a phone number or pictures of projects does little to instill trust. In past years, the utility of a website for a service line was seen as secondary since the primary means of communication was by phone. More recently though, if a customer cannot accurately understand the services you offer or set up or modify an appointment, the more likely they are to find someone who can. 

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Home service companies are in a very unique position this year, but with the right mixture of marketing and sales they can see growth. If you need help with your marketing efforts this year, take a look at this resource, or contact us today!

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