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Unique Ways to Boost Email Open Rates

At some point this year you may have come across the standard check-list on how to improve email open rates. This list probably covered tactics such as creating a sense of urgency, giving an offer or discount or name recognition — which are great for starting off. But what if you are ready to take it to the next level? Try these unique ways to boost your open rates… version 2.0!


Use “smart” subject lines

Your audience will typically fall into different categories, which means they all have unique interests and needs. “Smart” subject lines allow you to automatically create multiple subject lines to appeal to different groups of people and focus on the specific characteristics of a list. To make your subject lines smart using Hubspot, click the "Smart" icon next to the subject line field, choose any personalization tokens to add in, and you're one step closer to creating content that's specific and relevant to the people you're trying to reach.


Stir the pot

Sometimes a negative statement can have a positive outcome. This is what outlet such as Buzzfeed and Simplemost thrive of off! They dominate using controversy in their headlines. Don’t be afraid to get a little negative with your email preheader text. Some examples include: “Mistakes that are hurting your business” or “Stop wasting time on this” or “Don’t be that person who…”. Most people don’t like doing something wrong. Don’t forget to throw in some inspiring content in the email body to balance out the negative.


Send from a human being, not a company

Who would you rather receive an email from, On-Target! or Scott Steiner? When making the decision to open email, recipients first scan the inbox to see if they know any of the person sending the message. An email from a company gets marked as advertising right away, which can get your email deleted in an instant. However, an email that comes from an individual at your company is more personal and has a higher chance of getting opened.  


Share a cool story

Stories are meant to be shared and what better way to do so than in an email? Use the email subject line to provoke curiosity. If they click to read more the story will unfold and your message will get across in a way that stirs emotions and captures interest. Share stories that people want to read about, stories that engage audiences with the brand.


What if you had a team of clever copywriters to come up with these emails for you? We’ve got you covered! Just ask On-Target!.