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What Are the Top 2020 Marketing Trends?

Not sure what to include in your 2020 marketing plan? Staying on top of trends means identifying opportunities and staying ahead of competition. It’s critical in the world of digital marketing, where the variables are constantly changing alongside new technology. So we put together a list of the most popular marketing trends of 2020, based on research and recent reports.


Perhaps the most talked about trend for 2020 is the personalized marketing. It’s a strategy that leverages data analysis and digital technology (also known as smart content) to display individualized messages and product offerings to potential customers. For example, when a website shows you social media ads for specific products you previously viewed – that’s personalization.

“Personalization is considered the future of digital marketing. First, customers are demanding it, because they have so many other options. One survey found that eighty percent of customers are frustrated if they aren’t seeing tailored content. Second, businesses stand out when they offer good personalized products and services,” explains Techfunnel

Shopping on Social Media

More and more businesses are treating social media as a sales platform, thanks to a push by social media platforms to create a seamless shopping experience. For example, on Instagram you can how tag multiple products in a post or on Pinterest you can now shop via buyable pins.

“With the click of a button, you can go from scrolling on Instagram to populating your credit card information and completing a purchase. Shoppable posts have shortened the sales funnel by eliminating steps from awareness all the way to the point of purchase. E-commerce sites are taking advantage of this trend by using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to take you from prospective buyer to customer with a simple click of a button,” explains inc.com

Augmented Reality

Augment Reality is quickly become a cutting-edge marketing tactic used by companies who want to stand out from the clutter. With augmented reality, brands can provide unique experiences in which they can interact with a product or “try before they buy.” According to The Drum, AR can capture people’s attention for over 85 seconds, increase interaction rates by 20 percent, and improve click-through rates to purchase by 33 percent.

“In recent years, both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have become massively popular and are emerging as top trends in marketing. In 2020, AR is expected to surpass VR in popularity, despite VR’s early lead. Ikea, for example, has an app that allows users to visualize what a piece of furniture would look like in their home before making a purchase,” explains Forbes

Flywheel Marketing


A new termed coined by Huspot, Flywheel Marketing represent a circular process where customers feed growth. By retiring the sales funnel and instead adapting a flywheel, businesses can use the momentum of happy customers to drive referrals and repeat sales. Basically, your business keeps spinning using the 3 stages of inbound marketing – attracting engaging and delighting. You can learn more about using the flywheel here.

“For years, companies have structured their business strategies around the funnel — and it worked. But recently, the funnel has begun to fail marketers, salespeople, and business leaders alike. Today, customer referrals and word-of-mouth have become the largest influence on the purchase process, which means the funnel has one major flaw: It views customers as an afterthought, not a driving force,” explains Hubspot.

Linkedin Events

LinkedIn recently launched the new LinkedIn Events feature, which is expected to take off in 2020. It provides members with an easy way to create and join professional events that interest them. This feature helps grow active, professional communities by building authentic, face-to-face relationships.

“To help you plan your next face-to-face professional gathering, we’re launching LinkedIn Events for members across the globe. With LinkedIn Events, you’ll be able to seamlessly create and join professional events, invite your connections, manage your event, have conversations with other attendees, and stay in touch online after the event ends,” explains LinkedIn

Increased Use of AI

AI in marketing is anything from a chatbot to predicting consumer behavior. It’s opportunities are endless, which means AI strategies will grow rapidly in 2020. For example, Google uses machine learning and AI with digital ads to find people who are likely to take action.

“Artificial intelligence can power your marketing strategies to create striking customer experiences. AI supports data-driven decisions and improves business communication, lead generation and more. In 2020, AI will continue to feature significantly in marketing strategies. Here are several ways AI will support your business's marketing strategies, ” explains business.com