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Revitalizing Entrion Wind: From Technical Start-up to Cutting-Edge Leader 


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Elevating the Brand in Renewable Energy

Entrion Wind, an innovative wind energy start-up, stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry with their patented monopile technology. Despite their groundbreaking advancements, their message was lost in outdated and heavily technical marketing materials that failed to capture the brand's essence or convey its established stature in the industry. 

Recognizing this, On-Target! Marketing was enlisted to transform Entrion Wind's narrative, not only to effectively engage investors and partners but also to project an image of a larger, more established company. Our objective was to overhaul their brand communication to not only highlight the technical excellence of Entrion Wind's monopile technology but also to resonate with the audience's needs and present the company as an established leader in the field.

Revamping Brand Identity and Communication: A Story of Innovation and Appeal

Entrion Wind's previous digital presence inadequately reflected their innovative technology, potential, and the seasoned expertise they brought to the renewable energy sector. To address this gap, we initiated a new branding and web design process, aiming to create a digital platform that was informative, inspiring, and indicative of a well-established enterprise.

The new website, developed in under 60 days, serves as a testament to Entrion Wind's cutting-edge technology, offering an immersive experience for visitors. It's a portal that not only educates about wind energy but also showcases the unique capabilities of Entrion Wind's technology.

What We Did

Copywriting: Crafted engaging, accessible copy that effectively communicates Entrion Wind's innovative approach and the significance of their monopile technology. Our copywriting strategy was designed to resonate with investors and potential partners, highlighting the company's investment potential, collaborative opportunities, and its established position in the market.

Graphic Design Support: Provided comprehensive graphic design services to revitalize Entrion Wind's visual representation. Our focus was on creating new, vibrant visuals that not only broke away from the outdated aesthetic but also conveyed a sense of scale and establishment appropriate for a leading firm in the industry.

Web Design and Build:  Executed a rapid yet thorough redesign and build of Entrion Wind's website. The site was structured to enhance user engagement and to project an image of a well-established company, with easy navigation and in-depth information on the technology, the seasoned team, and the company's ambitious vision.

Sales Deck Creation: Developed an impactful sales deck, replacing the previous technical-heavy versions. This new deck is designed to appeal to investors and partners, clearly showcasing the benefits and unique aspects of Entrion Wind's technology in a concise, compelling, and professional manner.

Rebranding: Implemented a complete rebranding initiative to align Entrion Wind's outward identity with their innovative core and to depict them as an established leader in the wind energy sector. This included a new logo, color scheme, and overall visual language that reflects the state-of-the-art and environmentally conscious nature of their technology.

Impact and Results
This comprehensive transformation by On-Target! Marketing has significantly elevated Entrion Wind's presence in the renewable energy sector. The shift from outdated and technical to modern, accessible, and established branding and marketing materials has resulted in an increase in investor interest and partnership inquiries. 

Entrion Wind is now excellently positioned to communicate their story, the revolutionary potential of their monopile technology, and their stature as a leading player in the industry, paving the way for future growth and industry leadership.

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