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4 Essential Elements for Creating Effective Videos

According to Wyzowl, 85% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, and 87% of marketers say video has increased traffic to their website. Visual storytelling is highly effective as most people prefer videos to text-based information. Although more people are now trying to create viral videos, they fail to create a lasting impact due to a lack of quality, creativity, and vision.

If you want to create videos that reach your target audience, here are the four essential elements of high-quality video production:

An attention-grabbing introduction

Over 20% of people close the video after the first ten seconds. Your introduction must encourage users to keep watching the video. You can do it by explaining what they will learn/see and how it will be of interest to them. If you’re solving a problem, personalize it so viewers can easily relate to it. 


Once your team has nailed down the concept, the next step is to execute your vision. For a smooth production process, there must be a robust understanding between the agency and your team. A good producer will do the following things to bring the client’s vision to life:


  • Break down the script and find locations that will be effective in presenting the story. 
  • Find suitable props to establish a realistic set.
  • Hire the best hair, makeup, and costume artists.
  • Acquire the right talent that will help present the story to your audience most authentically.

Focus on the target audience

Whom will your videos be of most benefit to—the corporate sector, employees, new hires, or customers? Determining the target audience will help you refine your message and determine the best way of presenting it. 

Your video content must resonate with the lives of your target audience. Your brand’s success and vision should be built into your message. 

While planning the content, refer to your marketing team’s buyer persona and determine what your target audience wants to hear. It will help you focus your content on what is likely to gain the most attention. 

Make an emotional connection

The best way to reach your target audience is to present your message in a way that evokes an emotional response. Studies show that people are more likely to relate to a product or a service when they feel a personal connection. If you can extract a gut response from your audience, you will have a better chance of hitting the mark with your video.

Post-production planning

To ensure the success of your video, organize the post-production journey meticulously. You must decide upon the distribution plan, data management strategy, and turn-around times before beginning work on the video. Your initial plan must also include finding qualified editors, post-production equipment, color correction tools, and sound design to achieve the desired aesthetic.

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