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How One Brainstorm Meeting Led to Powerful Results: A Transformation

What does a successful brainstorm meeting look like?  If you want to hold meetings that unearth better ideas and generate real results, we've found it's all about getting to know your customers' key values.

Here's a closer look at the story behind our campaign for DPIS Builder Services that resulted in winning "Marketing Campaign of the Year" at the 2020 PRISM Awards.  

DPIS is a regional leader in providing engineering and inspection services to high-volume homebuilders. While working with the On-Target!, the company went through a period of rapid growth and expanded into 17 markets across the U.S. But you wouldn’t have known that from first impression.

It was time to create fresh approach that reflected the growing, result-driven company DPIS represents and make a big impact by targeting the hard-to-impress execs. So the DPIS and On-Target! teams put their heads together to reinvent the brand identity, starting with the DPIS name.

The idea came together in a brainstorm meeting focused on understanding their customers' unique wants and needs. During the meeting, it was realized that DPIS’s exceptional growth was largely driven by making builder Division Presidents happy. Not only did this message resonate across the conference room, it was also at the heart of the DPIS mission.

Then it clicked – this message would be the new brand identity. The DPIS name changed  from "Dale Phillips Inspection Services" to stand for “Division President Is Smiling” and a new brand position was created with an end tag of, “Our name is our mission.”

The On-Target! Team then built a marketing campaign designed to live-up to this claim, using video testimonials of actual Division Presidents touting their DPIS experiences as a key component.

They blended a friendly and casual tone with real business challenges and solutions, and tailored messaging to the experiences of a Division President and their staff. Various tactics were then used to drive deeper engagement and motivate decision makers to take action.


This campaign is now the central value proposition for DPIS and is asserted by sales, marketing and internal communications. It has become their long practiced, but now widely expressed mission –winning Marketing Campaign of the Year at the 2020 PRISM Awards presented by the Greater Houston Builders Association. 

The results continue to grow almost as fast as DPIS continues to make more and more Division Presidents Smile in numerous markets across the U.S.


Refining your sales and marketing machine doesn’t happen overnight. Our team works with businesses like yours create a strategic plan that will get your brand on the fast track to success.