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How to Be Really Good at Growth Marketing

If you’re looking to grow your company as fast and efficiently as possible — you’re on the right track. The term is called growth marketing (also known as growth hacking) and it’s a method that combines technology, creativity, analytics, and innovative marketing strategies with 100% focus on growth. In other words, it aims to target the most efficient and effective ways to scale a company.

What does it take to be successful at growth marketing? Here’s what it comes down to.

Have One Goal

Your number one goal should always be growth. Beautiful but useless design won’t acquire users. Clever ideas don’t always create results. Putting all of your attention on your reputation does’t translate to growth. If you can't connect your task to growth, then the task is irrelevant. It should be tied into every aspect of your business. It needs to affect everything you do.

Experiment Constantly

There are no right or wrong ways to execute an effective growth hack. The only way to know is by experimentation. The best growth marketers are constantly testing and finding new ways to generate results. They are thinking about questions such as: How do users find you? Do they have a great first experience? Do they return? Be sure to set clear and specific goals, timelines and deadlines for each experiment you run and let the results decide which tactic should be implemented.

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Understand the Analytics

Data is what shows you what's working and what's not. It’s important that you take action according to what the data tells you. This means constantly tinkering with Adwords, tweaking website pages and testing hypotheses, always with the focus of of increasing traffic and lead numbers. And before you can adjust your strategy, you need to know how you’re currently performing and where the information is coming from.

Be Relentless

Growth marketers are unrelenting in their pursuit of gains, both big and small. Take responsibility for growth and constantly add to your knowledge base. Go to growth hacking conferences, interact on forums, reach out to experts, read everything you can about growth marketing practices. Continue to push, try new things and think outside of the box.

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