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What are the Most Effective Ways to Increase our Contact Database?

Your email list is similar to a revolving door. Over time, contacts will be lost due to new jobs, expiring email addresses, unsubscribes, etc. But it’s marketers jobs to make sure that door keeps moving with the right people coming in as often as possible. That said, here are a few effective techniques to keep growing your email list organically.


Create a “gated” free online tool or resource

One of the most effective tools to grow your list is to create a gated offer - a piece of content that requires filling out a form - and ask for people to give you their email address to access that piece of content. Gated content can range from a tutorial, video demo, whitepaper, data and research and a myriad of other resources designed to make your audience’s life easier. As long as you are offering something of value, you can see great results from using gated content.


Create a blog that readers can subscribe to

Not only does blogging help increase your ranking on search engines and boost traffic to your site, it also helps you collect new email contacts. Invite readers of your blog to subscribe to updates by making an easy to find call-to-action or opt in button at the bottom of each page, preferably at the bottom of each post. Keep in mind that the more specialized that topic is, the better you’ll do. Be sure to give them the option to upgrade to future email campaigns that may contain offers and announcements.


Partner with a company with similar audience

Find a business that is related, but non-competitive. Partner websites can allow you to target a new but appropriate audience with a campaign that links back to own website. For example, a homebuilder could partner with a realtor office and get a mention in their next email to prospective homebuyers. You could also team up with a partner business on creating a valuable gated content offer then split the work and the leads you generate.


Collect contacts in person

Sure, it’s 2020 – but collecting email contacts in person is still an effective way to grow your list. This is especially true if you are in an industry that attends trade shows or conferences. While your demo your latest product at an event, be sure to collect signups from those interested (using an iPad or tablet makes this much easier). Once you're back at the office, import these signups into your contact database. Don’t forget to send them a welcome email that confirms their subscription.


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