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Your Competition Knows This, Do You?

Your competition likely knows something that maybe you've never considered. It's one of those areas that rarely get a second thought, however.

So, what do they know? Your content must constantly be evolving.

This isn't just updating your product or service offerings either. Content that converts users on your website, emails, and even physical outreach methods needs to satisfy their needs. Unless your customers are statues though, those needs have likely changed, especially after a year like 2020. What have you done to address those changes? If that answer is nothing, consider these ways to get up to speed...

Build (and send) a survey

On an email, social post, or on of your web pages, it doesn't matter as long as your customers can see it and interact with it. Many organizations have distanced themselves from surveys because they usually have a low return. The key is to keep the focus of your questions on the reader and their issues/pains. Here are a few examples:

B2B "What's the biggest issue your business is facing this year so far?"

B2C "How have you had to adapt your routines, purchases, and life after COVID?"

These questions seem innocuous but can give your organization really good insight into changes in buying behavior, searches they conduct, and much more. Those answers can then be re-purposed into effective website content, email headlines, or direct mail pieces. 


Update your buyer personas

Not sure where to start on that? Here's a great resource. If your content isn't getting the same results as it was prior to the pandemic and you can't understand why this is a great place to start. Buyer roles have changed in many organizations as a result of COVID and many of the key decision-makers are no longer able to make or break your sales goals. However, understanding how those roles have changed can allow you to update the content they see and allow those relationships to continue and grow.


Take time to audit your web pages, emails, and everything else potential customers see and make changes where necessary. Stagnant content can be a huge roadblock and your competition would prefer you never did anything about it. Fast results are possible, and if you have any questions or need help getting started, we're here to help.