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3 Strategies to Book More Meetings in Just 1 Month

Figuring out how to book more meetings can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. In this blog, we'll go over a few strategies that will help you book more meetings with clients than ever before. 

Research leads

First, it never hurts to learn more about your leads. With marketing software, you can see how individual leads respond to certain messages, how engaged they are, and how far they are in the buying process. The analytics are very telling here because the higher someone ranks in these aspects, the more likely they are to book a meeting. Most all CRM's allow you to sort through leads using certain criteria, and this can lead to some quick wins in meetings booked.

Graphical chart analysis

Let leads book meetings instantly 

Sometimes, people just don't like waiting for a meeting confirmation. If this is what's preventing most of your meetings, then you should let leads schedule appointments directly in your calendar, according to this HubSpot article:

"Anywhere from 23% (across all channels) to 43% (on our highest-value channels) of our leads now book their own time slots. As a result, we’ve eliminated potential drop-offs and increased conversion rates. Bonus: Our sales representatives no longer waste time setting appointments and handling administrative tasks."

Consider how much easier this approach would make scheduling a doctor's appointment, getting your car repaired, or renewing your license. It's like a dream come true, and best of all there's no pressure on your prospect since they decide the timing instead of unnecessary back and forth.

That's how easy it should be when someone wants to meet with your business. Modern CRM's such as HubSpot and others have incorporated this feature and it can be the key to increasing your meeting count each day.  

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Reevaluate your marketing campaign 

Email marketing is your best friend when it comes to converting leads. If you can't advance leads in the buying process, then your marketing emails are probably the clogs you're looking for. 

Make sure your emails are welcoming, informative, and accessible. Each one should have a CTA that at the very least makes subscribers consider whether it's time to contact your business. They should also speak directly to the individual reading it instead of sounding scripted or focused on the sender. 

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To schedule more meetings, consider researching your leads more, letting them book meetings with a link to your calendar, and taking another look at your marketing emails. To learn more about ways to book more meetings, or anything else, take a look at these tips, or contact us today. If you have more questions, try this...