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5 Ideas to Spice Up Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Pumpkin spice lattes are back in season, which means it’s time to put those holiday marketing tactics into full-swing. But there’s a lot of competition out there. The holiday season is when companies from all over the world put their best promos to the test in an attempt to get their piece of the $3.19 trillion revenue that’s made from November to December.

So what’s your plan for ho-ho-hosting a stand-out holiday marketing campaign? Here are a few ideas that can be your Rudolph, guiding the way to success.

Get Festive with Your Adwords

Tis the season for an effective Google Adwords strategy. Holiday inspired copy (like play phrases such as naughty or nice, checking a list, weather outside is frightful and so on) is a stellar way to grab attention and get people excited. Also note that this is the ultimate scenario for using a sense of urgency in your copy! After all, aren't the holidays just a madhouse of preparations to be made before it’s too late? Taking advantage of using urgency in your ad copy is going to create more reaction than the Nutcracker on opening night.

Add Some Flavor to the Gram

Instagram ads practically designed for the holiday marketing season. This is your chance to show off holiday images that are catchy, relevant to your buyer personas, and relate to your products or brand. A perfect example of this is introducing elf on the shelf to your product or service. Or throw in some seasonal ‘battles’ such as: fake tree vs. real tree, turkey vs. ham or shop online vs. shop in store.

Sprit of Christmas Giving-Away

Say no more. There’s no better time to justify hosting a free giveaway than the holiday season. Think discount codes, complimentary items, contests, buy one get ones, or referral rewards for loyal customers. In fact, more than 63% of Facebook users say they are likely to share a link to a holiday contest or giveaway. That’s because social media makes it incredibly easy to host giveaways, so you can worry about stocking up on office cookies before they run low.

Spread the Cheer with Direct Mail

What’s more special than getting a personally addressed, tangible letter in the mail these days? Around the holidays customers are paying more attention to their mail than they do all year, and aa direct mail marketing campaign can give your brand the edge it needs to motivate customers to take action. So make it memorable and make sure it’s something that can shine amongst all of the junk. Think texture, artwork, 3D or even small attachments.

Partner with a Cause

In an era where consumers value authenticity and corporate responsibility above all else, the holidays are a great way to reach new audiences by partnering with unexpected companies. Find a nonprofit that shares the same values as your company and partner to promote the cause to both of your audiences. Rather than spending dollars on advertising, consider investing that marketing spend on connecting with the hearts of your audiences.

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