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5 Marketing strategies Going For Your Home Services Business In 2021

It's the beginning of a New Year, and with it comes reflection, and the hope that this year will be better than the last. Hope is great, but having a plan can help ensure you're meeting the goals you have for your Home Services business in 2021. Here are 5 ways to get your marketing started off on the right foot...

Send an email to your current AND past contacts

Everyone is back and going through their unread emails from the holidays. A great way to break through the clutter is to send an email that isn't directly related to a service or product, but rather wishing them well or simply checking in on them. There will be plenty of other opportunities for those conversations as the year progresses, so start off differently and see how many more responses you will get. 

what should my email open rate be

Crank up your Social Media

As your customers are getting back to normal, now is a great time to publish that how-to video, or customer testimonial. The biggest key here is visibility since more engagement will take place on social media in the first months of the year across all platforms than in the previous 60 days. So get moving, because the need for your product or service has likely not been higher in quite a while.

how often should I post on social media

Set and run a promotion

There's a reason that gym memberships quadruple in the first quarter of every year, and it's not just because of new year's resolutions. The gym industry has figured out and proven that now is the perfect time to run a promotion or discount. Perhaps it's a good time to run a special on a particular service offering. Whatever the case is for your business, your customers are looking for a great deal, and you can kick off Q1 with some strong sales. 

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Make a video

We're not saying you need a full scale production crew or anything. However, this is a great time to think or common issue that your customers face and offer video tips on how to solve those issues. While it seems counterintuitive that you would offer free advice on the work you do, your customers will begin to see you as an expert over your competitors and remember your business when they need you for other things. There's also high value in terms of the  search quotient for your business when your customers see that you have multiple channels other than Google alone to be found online.  


Get back to basics

Break out the stamps and create and send some old-fashioned direct mail pieces. This tactic, while not as inexpensive as an email, shows high returns especially when the recipient is part of a specific target group. Need to reach that Purchasing manager for a big corporate job or that high value customer that is impossible to get a reply from? Send them a piece of physical mail and be prepared for the phone to ring, because sometimes, old-school is the best approach.

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The slate is clean for your business, and all of these approaches can get your year going quickly. Cutting through the static and capturing the attention of current and potential customers is the ultimate goal, and if you have questions, take a look at how we can help. Or, get in touch with us today! Still have questions? Look at this...