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Adapting your email marketing strategy

More of your customers are at home and in front of devices than ever, and along with that comes increases in the amount of emails they will likely see. The challenge for many organizations is sustaining or even increasing the effectiveness of their email marketing in the midst of a global workforce shift. How is this possible when the average attention span of an email message is less than a second? 

Adapting your email marketing with following tips can help you reach your goals in 2021. 

Reach the reader

Sales speak emails that sound scripted or meant for hundreds or thousands of recipients rarely if ever, accomplish your objectives.


The subject lines and content are impersonal and usually focus on the capabilities of the sender and less on the challenges of the reader. Crafting messages that address and solve problems resonate with readers and cause them to focus on solving their internal issues when the right type of content is placed in front of them. 

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When do you send?

Many studies have been done in regard to the best times to send an email for the best response. The simple fact here is that there is no one answer as the recipients in one industry may have very different schedules than another. The best way to determine when you should be sending emails is to test multiple send times for the same industry and organizational level. So, if CEOs are opening more emails at 9pm than 7am, you can schedule accordingly. The idea here is to keep testing. 

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Automate it

The use of a robust CRM can save you time in many ways, but probably none more so than in scheduling emails and replies. Even the most organized users would have a hard time remembering to send that follow-up email to the 433rd prospect next Tuesday. Since email marketing is essentially a numbers game once you've got your messaging and targets identified, automation can put the odds of conversion in your favor. Additionally, the data and analytics gained from successful campaigns are easily replicated into other email initiatives if needed!

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If you still have questions about your current email marketing strategy and how to make it more effective, take a look at our Email Marketing resources, or contact us