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SEO Basics: The 6 Most Important Things You Need to Know Right Now

Search engine optimization has changed dramatically in the last few years. It now accommodates the way humans search as well as the type of devices they use to conduct those searches. 

It's Not All About Keywords

If you thought SEO was just about adding keywords to your content, your info is a few years out of date. Today's search engines don't care as much about keywords, and they penalize content that is stuffed with them. Keywords should be used in a natural way so that they don't stick out or make the content sound like something written by a robot.

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Mobile Searches Dominate

If your site isn't optimized for mobile use, your site's ranking will suffer. Not only that, but most human readers won't bother with it. Today, mobile devices make up the majority of searches conducted, and your site had better be ready to be read on those devices. If your site is outdated, update it now or get left behind by sites that already have.


Optimize for Voice Searches

Siri, find me a local plumber that fixes sinks. This type of search is getting more and more common today, and your site should be optimized for this type of voice search. Using long-tail keywords that allow for longer search terms is a great way to be ready for voice searches. 

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Be Sure to Grab That Local Market

When is the last time you pulled out a phone book to find a local business? Today's customers look for local businesses through online searches. Local info listings are provided needed info to consumers of every type. If you don't have your business listed with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, you're missing out on significant local traffic. Want to optimize for local SEO?

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Make Those Posts Longer and More Complex

If your website has been around awhile, it may still have pages that are 200 words or so in order to grab traffic for those keywords. However, today's search engine algorithms are looking for longer content that is more complex in its use of language. Don't be afraid to take a page to 2,000 words or more- your readers will thank you for the information, and the search engines will reward it. 

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SEO Changes All the Time

With SEO, there is no way to plug in a set of variables and forget about it. With search engine algorithms changing so often, it's important to stay up to date with the most recent changes. What worked two years ago simply won't work as well today. One of the biggest pieces of SEO is content, and done well, it can be an ally for your sales team...

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If you need help with your SEO, we'd love to chat. To get your site ready for today's customers, and today's search engines, take a look at this resource, or  contact us.