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Small Businesses Are Resilient and Adaptable, Despite Pandemic

Businesses are finding ways to thrive during the pandemic, and a new report confirms their determination. Many small businesses are persevering through economic uncertainty, adapting to unforeseen changes, and increasing opportunities through digital marketing tactics.

The State of Small Business Marketing survey conducted by Bluehost included 500 small business owners with fewer than 100 employees. Almost three in four (72%) of small business owners report feeling optimistic and nearly 70 percent (69%) of small business owners recognized the importance of an increased online presence during the pandemic.

These small businesses are implementing important changes such as making changes to their website (39%), expanding their social media presence (31%), increasing marketing efforts (30%) to succeed during this trying time. Respondents see their online sales playing a larger role in the upcoming year than traditional in-store interactions. Three in four (75%) of small business owners predict their online sales will increase in 2021.

Its stories and reports like these that show us the capacity businesses have for remaining resilient during a time of crisis.

Businesses that are been quick to embrace transformation have positioned themselves to come out ahead, and are more prepared to succeed in a different kind of future (what ever that may look like). In fact, a separate report by Harvard Business Journal, explains that brands who advertise during a recession are more likely to perform better in the long-term.

At the end of the day, 2020 has taught us that businesses need to be prepared to face a wide range of scenarios. This includes having robust tools and systems in place that can not only withstand the winds change, but position you for success in a time of crisis.

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