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The Hidden Costs of Marketing

 One of the most echoed concerns of companies we work with is helping them stay on top of budgets. This is especially true when it comes to marketing since being aware of costs is more crucial than ever.

What many organizations fail to realize though is that no matter how diligently they plan for all eventualities, there are always hidden costs when it comes to a marketing budget. You see, carrying out any marketing effort regardless of whether or not it is done internally, or with the help of outside vendors carries the burden of time as a cost. Paying attention to small gaps in productivity due to planning, change orders, and the inevitably of failed initiatives is vital.

When looking at overall costs, often companies don't account for this lost time, and as a result, are left wondering why their overhead is higher, or scheduled milestones aren't being met. To help with this common oversight, On-Target has identified 10 Key items to consider when evaluating options for improving marketing and sales efforts.

This guide will help identify the areas where the majority of marketing budgets are decided based on who is doing the work. It also provides a clear picture of the benefits and weaknesses of using in-house resources, outside vendors, or a combination of both. 

After reading the various pitfalls that are common to the majority of firms undertaking new or continued marketing efforts, you can make the most out of your marketing budgets intelligently. If questions remain on what a good course of action is, On-Target can help, just contact us here

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