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How to Sell in a World Without Handshakes

Working from home has it’s benefits, but we can see why many people are starting to miss the hustle and bustle of an office. For salespeople, the shift to remote work may be especially challenging – as closing deals in the ‘Coronavirus economy’ isn’t exactly easy. However, opportunities are emerging and we’re finding new ways to sell in a world without handshakes.

Here are a few ideas on how to boost your sales game during the stay-home movement. 

Get a modern CRM

When you can no longer get your sales team in a room together, it’s critical that you find strategies to work more efficiently and boost productivity. A modern CRM will not only help you streamline the sales cycle – but it will also help your team close more deals with less work by removing the friction from the process. Here are some more ideas on exactly how a modern CRM can help your team during COVID-19. 

Engage prospects with video

Video is finding its way into sales prospecting and engagement — and serves as a great addition to any team looking for new ways to engage prospects and leads. Here at On-Target!, we are repurposing product videos that explain unique value propositions and using them as embedded links in sales emails to boost engagement. 

“The specific response from the prospect was: that video was slick. Great sales tactic with the hat! That certainly pulled you out of the sea of sales emails I get all the time, and set you apart from the rest,” explains Hubspot in their case study.

Lead with empathy

Instead of sending out a generic intro message, find ways to relate to your audience on a personal level. Consider how it would feel being in that person’s shoes. Could they be overwhelmed or frustrated? Use the information you gather to tailor a message that would be most beneficial to their pain points. Even if you don’t close a deal – if you can support them during the tough times, they will likely be more receptive to your future messages.

Participate in Online Events

Trade shows and networking events are cancelled indefinitely. But those same organizers are finding ways to bring similar activities online. Continue to get your company’s name out there by tuning in and participating in online events. There are also a number of networking groups and forums on LinkedIn that enable peer to peer communication and relationship-building opportunities on a regular basis.

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