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7 Highly Effective Ways to Boost Home Sales with Mobile Marketing

Amongst the many changes in 2020, a critical one for New Home sales was that smartphone usage overtook desktop internet browsing. Yes, the smartphone has become the gateway to buyers and improving how you approach mobile marketing needs to be at the top of your goals list for 2021.

Generating leads through mobile marketing requires taking a step back and thinking about ways you can optimize the information and content you already have for mobile experiences.

Here are seven tactics you can implement to optimize your content for mobile lead generation. And remember, if your website is responsive, you are more likely to prevent visitors from bouncing off your site anyway. 

Geolocation Capability

What better way is there to reach a home buyer than by pushing information about your community welcome center's address, home inventory, or lot size information to that buyer based on their location? Geolocation allows you to tailor your marketing message based on a potential buyer's proximity to your development and can lead to higher visits and more homes sold.


When it comes to purchasing a home, buyers engage with video marketing elements nearly 2:1 over text only. This is incredibly valuable as reaching those new potential home buyers with mobile specific video can heavily increase viewership on promotions, changes to loan rates, development amenities, and other information relevant to the purchase of a home. 

Share Capabilities

One of the most sought after pieces of mobile marketing is social sharing, and with the right mixture of mobile first marketing, buyers can share video and other elements with their social networks. Now floor plans, welcome centers and recreational components of your development can be shared with audiences that you would never have had access to. This is especially beneficial because through mobile marketing, the information isn't pushed from a third party, but from someone whom the user knows, that might just be in the market for a new home!

Use Chatbots to Engage

The numbers on text usage on mobile devices in recent years indicate that we are a society that increasingly seeks low barriers to get information on potential purchases, and homes are no exception. This is why a mobile friendly chat function can serve a very needed purpose to guide a potential home buyer to the information that they request in a very casual way. This is especially important to first time buyers, or those in early stages of the purchasing process because a chat is less committal than other forms of engagement and isn't seen as pushy. In fact, we've seen a 42% uptick in conversions with Chatbot users.     

Optimize for a Mobile Screen

Think about the situations when you pull out your phone to read an article or check your email. Typically, you only have a few minutes to consume content. When it comes to writing for a mobile audience, there are rules to live by. Front load your content in case people don’t get to the bottom article. Don’t put the punch line at the end. Make sure people understand the purpose from the start.

mobile friendly.png

Create Simple Calls-to-Action

Think about how your CTAs will appear on different devices. You may not want the most visually heavy design that could be distracting on the small screen of a mobile device. But you do want an image with clear, readable text. That means short CTAs that get the message across quickly.

Make Your Phone Number Clickable

When someone picks up their mobile phone, they are going to take action. Whether that’s opening an app, searching for a company or simply texting a friend; people are much more action-oriented on a phone versus a computer. Knowing this, it is important to find ways to get a prospect to the point of conversion faster. 

Bottom line, mobile users are, well, mobile. They don’t have time to slow down. It’s up to you to get with the times or risk falling behind. Contact our digital marketing agency for real estate agents to set-up a free 30 minute consultation with a mobile strategist, and learn more about how we help Real Estate  and development forms with their Digital MarketingStill have questions? Look at this...

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