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Get Real ROI From Your Video Content

Everyone knows video is a key player in any digital marketing strategy. It’s more cost effective than ever — as we’re seeing more and more brands producing high-quality, 4K video with their smartphones. In fact, more video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years!

But how many of these brands are seeing direct results from their video efforts? Despite the enormous amount of (and often ridiculous) viral videos out there – video marketing can’t be guessing game. In order to see any return on your investment, it’s critical that marketing teams focus on how video fits into their marketing strategy as a whole. Let's think of it in the context of the inbound methodology.

ATTRACT with Compelling Video Content

What compels you to begin watching a video? Maybe your researching a problem or trying to make a decision – like whether or not you should start working with a marketing agency. Customers at this stage are inquisitive and focused on gathering information. This is the perfect time to introduce your brand and start building trust. Keep it short and interesting. enough to grab attention but leave them wanting more. Examples of videos that attract include short social videos that tell a story about your brand, thought leadership videos that cover industry news or provide insight, or tutorial videos that provide relevant tips.

CONVERT with Educational Video Content

Now it’s time to start motivating viewers to move down the sales funnel. You’ll want to direct anyone watching your video content to make the next step – submitting their contact information. Video can help in this process by moving people to a landing page with an offer/form. The goal here is to educate, which can be done with case studies, in-depth tutorials, or promotional videos featuring your offer. For example, if someone is deciding on hiring a marketing agency, they could watch one of our case study videos here.

CLOSE with Relatable Video Content

Great news, by now a potential customer is visualizing themselves using your product or service. But they’re still considering their options and don’t know whether going with your brand is the right decision. That’s when you use video to leverage their emotions by providing real life examples. We’re talking about testimonial videos, demonstrations and behind the scenes type information. According to HubSpot, 90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decisions. Now sway those decisions! Explain exactly how your product could help their business.

DELIGHT with Follow-Up Video Content

The role of video does not end with a purchase. This is the perfect opportunity to create returning customers who are so impressed with your product/service that they are compelled to share it with their friends and family! Delight them with a welcoming video or on boarding video to get them acquainted with their purchase. Start working on a library of product training videos that can improve each customers’ experience with your brand.

Bonus: You can use the HubSpot platform to monitor which stage of the buying process a person is — giving you the opportunity to present them with the right content and the right time. Learn more about the HubSpot CRM.